Kettlebells come in a variety of weights in order to accommodate your level of training and fitness. On this page I have listed various kettlebells and what skill level they tend to pertain.

Kettlebell Weights

26lbs. – According to the official site, you’re out of shape if you have to use this low weight kettlebell. However, I think it is fair to say if you’re small or just starting out this is a good weight to start with so you can get acclimated to the unique feel of a kettlebell. More Information

35lbs. – This kettlebell could be called the average joe kettlebell. At this level you don’t suck, but you’re not quite a bad ass yet either. Keep at it though and you’ll move on to bigger ones though! More Information

44lbs. – You’re not too shabby at this level. You’re starting to set yourself apart from the rest. Focus and consistency will help you explode your training results. More Information

53lbs – Congratulations, you’re really something at this stage. You’re doing 53lbs. with one arm and holding it over your head in some exercises. Be proud. More Information

62lbs. – Why stop at 53lbs. when you can go to 62lbs? If you can make this jump you are really starting to show your experience with kettlebell lifting. More Information

70lbs. – The ladies love you. More Information

88lbs. – Your hardwork is really paying off at this stage. You are basically a badass at this stage. More Information

106lbs. – You remember those statues of Greek gods? Well, you should consider having a statue commissioned in your own image if you can do the 106lbs. kettlebell. More Information


Pavel Kettlebell FAQ

July 24, 2007

What is a ‘kettlebell’?

A ‘kettlebell’ or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. The ultimate tool for extreme all-round fitness.

The kettlebell goes way back, it first appeared in a Russian dictionary in 1704 (Cherkikh, 1994). So popular were kettlebells in Tsarist Russia that any strongman or weightlifter was referred to as a girevik, or ‘a kettlebell man’.

“Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics,” reported Russian magazine Hercules in 1913.

Why train with kettlebells?

Because they deliver extreme all-round fitness. And no single other tool does it better. Here is a short list of hardware the Russian kettlebell replaces: barbells, dumbbells, belts for weighted pullups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment.

Vinogradov & Lukyanov (1986) found a very high correlation between the results posted in a kettlebell lifting competition and a great range of dissimilar tests: strength, measured with the three powerlifts and grip strength; strength endurance, measured with pullups and parallel bar dips; general endurance, determined by a 1000 meter run; work capacity and balance, measured with special tests.

Voropayev (1983) tested two groups of subjects in pullups, a standing broad jump, a 100m sprint, and a 1k run. He put the control group on a program that emphasized the above tests; the experimental group lifted kettlebells. In spite of the lack of practice on the tested exercises, the kettlebell group scored better in every one of them! This is what we call “the what the hell effect”.

Kettlebells melt fat without the dishonor of dieting or aerobics. If you are overweight, you will lean out. If you are skinny, you will get built up. According to Voropayev (1997) who studied top Russian gireviks, 21.2% increased their bodyweight since taking up kettlebelling and 21.2% (the exact same percentage, not a typo), mostly heavyweights, decreased it. The Russian kettlebell is a powerful tool for fixing your body comp, whichever way it needs fixing.

Kettlebells forge doers’ physiques along the lines of antique statues: broad shoulders with just a hint of pecs, back muscles standing out in bold relief, wiry arms, rugged forearms, a cut-up midsection, and strong legs without a hint of squatter’s chafing.

Liberating and aggressive as medieval swordplay, kettlebell training is highly addictive. What other piece of exercise equipment can boast that its owners name it? Paint it? Get tattoos of it? Our Russian kettlebell is the Harley-Davidson of strength hardware.

Hard comrades of all persuasions.

Soviet weightlifting legends such as Vlasov, Zhabotinskiy, and Alexeyev started their Olympic careers with old-fashioned kettlebells. Yuri Vlasov once interrupted an interview he was giving to a Western journalist and proceeded to press a pair of kettlebells. “A wonderful exercise,” commented the world champion. “…It is hard to find an exercise better suited for developing strength and flexibility simultaneously.”

The Russian Special Forces personnel owe much of their wiry strength, explosive agility, and never-quitting stamina to kettlebells. Soldier, Be Strong!, the official Soviet armed forces strength training manual pronounced kettlebell drills to be “one of the most effective means of strength development” representing “a new era in the development of human strength-potential”.

The elite of the US military and law enforcement instantly recognized the power of the Russian kettlebell, ruggedly simple and deadly effective as an AK-47. You can find Pavel’s certified RKC instructors among Force Recon Marines, Department of Energy nuclear security teams, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, the Secret Service Counter Assault Team, etc.

Once the Russian kettlebell became a hit among those whose life depends on their strength and conditioning, it took off among hard people from all walks of life: martial artists, athletes, regular hard comrades.

Am I kettlebell material?

Kettlebell training is extreme but not elitist. At the 1995 Russian Championship the youngest contestant was 16, the oldest 53! And we are talking elite competition here; the range is even wider if you are training for yourself rather than for the gold. Dr. Krayevskiy, the father of the kettlebell sport, took up training at the age of forty-one and twenty years later he was said to look fresher and healthier than at forty.

Only 8.8% of top Russian gireviks, members of the Russian National Team and regional teams, reported injuries in training or competition (Voropayev, 1997). A remarkably low number, especially if you consider that these are elite athletes who push their bodies over the edge. Many hard men with high mileage have overcome debilitating injuries with kettlebell training (get your doctor’s approval). Acrobat Valentin Dikul fell and broke his back at seventeen. Today, in his mid-sixties, he juggles 180-pound balls and breaks powerlifting records!

How do I learn to use the kettlebell?

From Pavel’s books and videos: Enter The Kettlebell or From Russia with Tough Love for comrades ladies. From an RKC certified instructor; find one in your area. Kettlebell technique can be learned in one or two sessions and one can start intense training during the second and even first week (Dvorkin, 2001).

What is the right kettlebell size for me?

Kettlebells come in ‘poods’. A pood is an old Russian measure of weight, which equals 16kg, or roughly 35 lbs. An average man should start with a 35-pounder. It does not sound like a lot but believe it; it feels a lot heavier than it should! Most men will eventually progress to a 53-pounder, the standard issue size in the Russian military. Although available in most units, 70-pounders are used only by a few advanced guys and in elite competitions. 88-pounders are for mutants.

An average woman should start with an 18-pounder. A strong woman can go for a 26-pounder. Some women will advance to a 35-pounder. A few hard women will go beyond.

“Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten.”

“Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten,” stated Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling Dennis Koslowski, D.C., RKC. “…If I could’ve met Pavel in the early ’80s, I might’ve won two gold medals. I’m serious.

(These testimonials have deliberately been left unedited, with very few exceptions. This is the unadorned, raw truth from the trenches of kettlebell experience, telling it how it is, unsolicited raves mixed with tremendous insights and fitness tips. Enjoy!—John DuCane, Publisher)

RKC vs USMC PRT my personal experience
Lately there has been an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of RKC both towards combat fitness and fitness in general. I’ll give an example of what happened to me. I downloaded the USMC PRT PDF, posted below by GARM, over a year ago, I worked hard at it for a three months with poor results. After 3 months I was barely able to squeak out 3 and 1/2 pullups. I could barely run 2 miles. Go ahead and laugh. Enter PTP, then RKC, within 5 weeks I could do 13 pullups via GTG.I will take RKC any day over this type of PT, however, I will do whatever it takes to obtain my objective. IMO RKC is the best way. I recently passed a full USMC PFT without even training for it. I can do more pushups now than ever, without even training them. The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle. But there is no reason why the Marines or any other branch of Armed Forces should not substitute their current PT program with RKC.

Flame away.
From: Christian Rubio. Date/Time: 2002-04-07 09:49:39.

Results @ Maxercise
I began RKBC at Maxercise. In three weeks I have lost a considerable amount of body fat. My strength endurance levels have never been higher and my lower back pain is diminishing. In three weeks, I am going to substitute a PTP routine. I will keep you posted on my future progress and thank you for the great info you put out there.p.s. Steve is the man!
From: Robert Monti. Date/Time: Wednesday, February 6, 2002 10:38:02 AM

Pavel, Jump experience!
Hey, Pavel did you ever get to jump Hollywood via a Casa out of the Tailgate in the Russian Airborne? We’re a little spoiled here at the 112th Signal. I just got done jumping one into 9 Megan here at Bragg.Actually, what I wanted to tell you is that I can tell a noticeable difference from my last jump from doing your training with Kettlebells, and GTG with Pistols and Chin-ups. While everyone else was struggling with the simple task of sitting down and getting back up after they rigged up in their parachute, I had no problem thanks to all those Pistols. Also my chute was lighter feeling and didn’t bother my lower back one bit.

Here’s a funny story too… when it was time to get rigged up I went over to one of our team Sgt.’s who has been giving me a bad time about my KB training and asked him if he would like me to rig him up. This guy is at least 230 pounds and I made sure to get his harness extra snug, since I know male soldiers appreciate that by the expressions on their faces. I’ll just leave it at that. Although, it was pretty funny when I was tightening his back straps and the jumpmaster starting laughing and said something to the effect of how he didn’t think it was possible for a big guy like that Sgt. to comprise so well. Needless to say, my team’s going to the field next week and you better believe I’m throwing at least one of my KB’s in my Hum-V and that team Sgt. whom I rigged up today said he was going to give them a try. They’re slowly breaking down… kind of scary.

Airborne and loving it,

From: tonya1980. Date/Time: 2002-03-06 21:40:23.

26lbs. Kettlebell
Get your own set of kettle bells that will help sculpt you into a lean, mean machine.

Another “What the heck” effect
Ok, been hitting the K-bells with a vengeance as hard as I safely can. I’ll admit, I get snickered at for using them, but I didn’t care because I just knew they would help me out in my athletic endeavors. Well, today I got some proof. My wife and I ordered a king sized bed and it finally came in today. No problem, except that we live four flights up! To guys show up to deliver the bed. Me being me, I jump in and take on my fair share. The stairwell is really tight so we had to slide it up the banister at times. We were just about to make the final turn when something went wrong and the whole thing started going over the banister. Now for as long as my loving wife has been waiting for this bed I was fully prepared to sail right over the banister with it in the hopes that the body cast I would probably be in next time I saw her would get me a few sympathy points. Otherwise she would just say, “why didn’t you try to catch it” and I would be in the doghouse. I grabbed to the box it was in and latched down for all I was worth (K-bell forearms!!) By reflex I locked down my abs and tightened every muscle in my body. This move alone is probably the ONLY reason I didn’t throw out my back. After a few seconds of “Oh my God I can’t believe I caught it!” I wrestled it back onto the banister and up the stairs.THANK YOU PAVEL!!!!!!! Not only am I stronger, but lifting (and not just weights) SMARTER!!!-Medic1
From: Medic1. Date/Time: 2002-02-06 15:17:20.

Worth Every Penny!
First workout today with the 53 Lbs. KB. Loved every minute of it. That and the 36 Lbs. were the best investments I’ve ever made! Love sweating on a cold, winter morning!
From: RickyB. Date/Time: 2002-03-17 12:52:46

I have already enjoyed the “what the hell” carryover from KB swings & snatches. I went from a difficult PR of 300 to a comfortable PR of 325, without any deadlifting for approximately six weeks prior to the PR.

Now Pavel has given me a systematic way to work into my deads.
From: Johno Date/Time: 2002-04-09 20:56:06

Kettlebells and One Arm Pushups…Results
I have the 1 pood and 1.5 pood bells. In my youth I could do about 15 one arm pushups on my right arm and 10 on my left. I had not tried to do them for about a year. A year ago I could do 3 or 4 on my right and struggled to do 1 one on my left. I work with teenagers and one of them was attempting to do handstand pushup. I asked if he ever did one arm pushups and proceeded to demonstrate. I did 10 on my right and was able to bring my hand completely off the floor about 1.5 inches on each rep! I am 44 years old and I could not do that in my twenty’s. The kid I was demonstrating for was as shocked as I was. I then did 10 on my left. ( no bounce).I started doing my KB workouts in late October and my workouts have been haphazard. I usually manage 2 to 5 workouts weekly. And I probably took at least 5 weeks off during this time due to hand and finger problems because of poor technique.

I am completely sold on KB workouts. I have lost about 2 inches on my waist and I feel great. My Aikido practice has improved greatly since I started. Power, speed and balance, endurance and wind, have all improved. I am getting the 2 pood KB for Valentines Day. This KB workout is got to be the best thing that I have every done.
From: Aiki4me. Date/Time: 2002-02-10 01:06:06

26lbs. Kettlebell
Get your own set of kettle bells that will help sculpt you into a lean, mean machine.

Re: Kettlebells meet aikido
As you can tell by my nick, Aikido is my chosen martial art. I have had the same observations. I have been training RKC since October. First with the 1 pood and added the 1.5 about 2 months ago. I often get to be the crash test dummy (uke) for tests. During and after Randori, I would be sweating buckets and sucking wind. Now I barely break a sweat and don’t get winded hardly at all. Not bad for a 45 year old smoker. Soon to be ex-smoker. A few more things I noticed.
1. Better connection with Nage’s center.
2. Shock resistance improved.
3. Wrist strength improved greatly. (Handy when working with newbies on Nikyo and Kotegashi.)
4.Improvement in Ki extension.
5.Hand and foot speed is faster.
6. Two year old shoulder injury is much better than before. (Injured when arm collapsed during standing forward roll)
From: Aiki4me. Date/Time: 2002-03-24 07:14:06

Re: Hey Brett, What are your secrets for increasing verticals?
Andy68,There really isn’t any secret. I feel the increase was due to the KB.

In grooving the hip thrust and the coordinated triple extension of the hip, knee, and ankle, I was finally able to use the power available to me in my jumping.

Of course the dynamic tension and power breathing are an integral part of the program.

Hope this helps…


From: BJones RKC. Date/Time: 2002-02-19 16:37:05

Kettlebell WOW
I have my kettlebell three weeks now and WOW! So far my back and shoulders are growing and getting cut up all at once and my forearms look like Popeye’s.I can’t stop eating but I haven’t gained an ounce but have lost an inch in my waist.

Thanks to Comrade Pavel
From: Robert Arciola. Date/Time: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 6:52:08 PM.

KB magic
I went to Duluth this weekend to do some skiing. I nailed a jump going way too fast and started to do a back flip (on accident), and don’t know what happened after that. The ski patrol brought me to an ambulance by snowmobile which was pretty cool. I injured my back but I didn’t think it was going to be that serious and didn’t worry about it. Everyone who watched me wipe out thought I would be totally messed up but all I ended up with were some strained muscles in my lower back and a real bad headache. I believe the KB’s have turned me into a man of steel. I don’t even think I’ll be afraid to hit the same jump next time I go.Arthur
From: aet51. Date/Time: 2002-02-18 19:40:23

Re: People of Dragon Door!
Steve,I think responses you’ve gotten outline most of the Party info on why KB are better than DB. As a relatively new addition to the forum, about six months, just let me comment on my experience.

1) I did snatches with DB for a few months awaiting purchase of KB and using lighter weights. The KB is another animal, for all the reasons you’ve heard. The exercises that can be done with the DB are about 75% “complete” in my opinion, compared to the KB versions. Just as one example, with the Snatches, there is a whole different pattern of grip work required as you tense-relax-tense your grip.
2) The KB marries strength, agility, balance and technique. Primitive yet sophisticated. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master, etc.
3) I started with a one pood and 1.5 pood; I have added a second 1 pood. In the course of time I will have two sets of all three, but no rush, the little ones can be plenty punishing.
4) There is also a primitive psychological allure, similar to that felt by anyone who loves “iron.” There is also an element of doing something that is edgy, and that has a component of danger. There are four or five guys on any given day in my gym doing DB snatches, etc. There is one guy, me, doing KB work. Most of those four or five DB guys clearly want to try the KB, those that have given them a shot are amazed at the difference.

I don’t know how much you hang around this forum, but you have gotten feedback from some top people that I’ve learned a lot from. You won’t be disappointed if you give the KB a try. Plus, you’ve got Andy’s money back guarantee; it doesn’t get any better than that.

Good training.

From: Barry1001. Date/Time: 2002-02-25 22:16:44.

Progress after RKC class
Greeting to all of St. Paul RKC folks! I only started PTP back in Nov. and I had never done a DL before. I started with 45lbs (I am female, 5’2″, 110lbs soaking wet, age 42). Just before the RKC class, I had made it to 105lbs for 5 reps and it was time to cycle. I got back from the class and I made it to 130lbs for 5 reps! Thanks Pavel and everyone else in the class.
From: Beth_RKC. Date/Time: 2002-03-05 22:56:48

PTP & RKC very functional for me
Comrade I can only speak for myself but I have found PTP and RKC lifting programs to be extremely applicable to martial arts, and working construction. I have tried other methods of lifting and found them detrimental to anything outside of a weight room. Even without kettlebells high rep DB snatches have had a “what the hell” effect of improving my ability to balance heavy objects over my head and explosively lifting irregularly shaped objects, grappling and striking. I apply the full tension methods Pavel teaches whenever I have to lift or hold anything particularly heavy. It helps me at work even though that is not the specific goal of my training.That having been said, I think you would have a hard time finding any exercise that wasn’t functional on some level. I prefer the basic lifts (squats, DL, side press, standing press, cleans, snatches) because I find they give me the most return for the time invested. Serious athletes usually have a carefully planed year long periodized program of general physical preparation and sport specific exercises. Even then I think that PTP and RKC will have a great deal to offer during certain phases of any athlete’s training cycle. For me, “Functional” is a shorter way of saying “practical, efficient training that provides strength and endurance for situations found outside of weight training gyms”. This of course is just my opinion. Perhaps the more knowledgeable Comrades on this board will give their interpretations of “functional”.
From: Black Coffee. Date/Time: 2002-02-14 20:24:31

My name is Brenda Delos Santos and own South Bay Jeet Kune Do with my husband Bobby Delos Santos.We both use KettleBell as a cornerstone of our training and has made a tremendous difference in our over all performance and appearance!


Brenda Delos Santos
From: South Bay Jeet Kune Do. Date/Time: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 4:00 PM

fat loss redux – most mileage from a 1 pood KB?
6 weeks of mostly KB workouts have dropped an inch off my waist and burned off a lot of fat. My overall weight has not changed a bit, and I seem stuck at 212 lbs. My body seems to adopt to new exercise very quickly and doesn’t like to use up much of its fat reserves… I take in about 2600 cal/day, following a Clarence Bass type diet: plenty of veggies, fruit, nuts, nearly zero processed foods, and about 180g protein.What’s the best way to increase the intensity of the KB workouts to try to kick some more fat away? I’ve started adding the breathing snatch ladders in Pavel’s latest newsletter. Should I compress rest periods more? I already will jog or jump rope for 30 seconds or so then rest for 30 sec between

KB sets. All I’ve got is the 1 pood KB, it’ll be May before I can afford the 1.5.
From: Brian G. Date/Time: 2002-03-06 07:23:23

Thanks for the info Com. Pavel!
I recently pulled 375 a PR single for me after about two and a half weeks of fairly heavy triples and then sets of 5 thereafter for the Bear variation. I’m doing RKC training now, but I wonder if when I get back to PTP if I can pull 405. When I did the 375 pull, it was heavy, but came up smoothly! I’ve been doing RKC ballistics incorporated with PTP Bear Benches and Clean and presses. The PTP bench and the clean and presses are done three days per week, before any ballistics with a 55 lb dumbbell. I’ll do circuits with the ballistics. For example, a set of 10 reps each arm of swings, rest the amount of time it took to perform the set, then same with cleans, then same with snatches. At most, I’ve done 6 sets of ten reps each arm, and I am dripping with sweat. Is this OK to increase my pull later on. Also, I’ve noticed that even though my calories are slightly down now, I’ve lost fat in the last week and a this, even though I was trying to gain weight on the PTP Bear Deads?Thanks for your anticipated assistance and advice.
From: Nick Radonjic. Date/Time: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 12:00 PM

MWR wants Kettlebells, maybe…!! Pavelizer
I approached the office, which manages our Gym here at Eagle Base about securing my Kettlebell there for my use. I spoke with Ed Winters, a program director with Moral Welfare and Recreation. MWR runs the gyms in the Army and this is a civilian organization run with non-appropriated funds. He became interested and I shared your most recent article in MM about the Marines and my RKC book with him. He expressed interest in possibly buying some Kettlebells and logging use for a potential mass buy for the entire IFOR area!Putting this in perspective, It is my belief now that Kettlebell training will result in better results in preparing soldiers for the new US Army PT Test. It consists of: one mile run, 100m sprint, standing long jump, some sort of bodyweight squat, pushups and the “Heel Hook”, which is a hanging leg raise which ends with the legs wrapped around the overhead bar. There is quite a bit of nervousness with soldiers about this test. The test will probably be in this form when approved some time this year. My problem with the new PT program is the majority of exercises require partners to do effectively. Teamwork is awesome but for National Guard/Reserve soldiers, they are not usually around training partners the majority of the time to do these exercises effectively.

Female soldiers/civilians/everyone bitch about not wanting to gain muscle but just want to “tone up” and loose fat. Well RKC seems perfect for them! A strong selling point and one that I told him.

Your RKC training/BPA seems to be the most effective solo military oriented physical training I have ever encountered. One of the STRONG selling points for your program is it can be done solo effectively.

I believe it would be beneficial to put on a demonstration in the Gym of the Kettlebells. I am in the process of getting some bigger ones than my 1 pood. We have aerobics classes here, why not Kettlebell classes! When I get more confident in my Kbell abilities and some coaching from my Russian friend I might be able to do this. This could really help many people.

Take care,

From: Charles Fair Date/Time: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 1:26:54 PM

Hacking fat off meat
In the last few months I’ve hacked off about twenty-five pounds of lard without even cutting out the goodies or doing any special eating plan, simply by doing three RKC workouts per week, each of which averages the equivalent of around 120 reps of two pood ballistics, floor to full overhead. I usually keep wheezing the whole workout, ie, I keep the rest breaks relatively short.
From: Craig N. Date/Time 2002-03-11 19:49:37

Results/Comments on week 3 of RKC
I’ve been on RKC for three weeks. My first week, I couldn’t even do a straight set of 50 two arm swings without getting so sore that I had to take an extra day off between workouts. This week’s results are in.With a 25 lb. DB:
100×1 one arm swings (50 each arm)
100×1 two arm swings
100×1 cleans/snatch(?) (50 each arm)–make sure to snatch ABOVE shoulder level.
20×1 one arm snatch (semi C&J)

Rests around 60 seconds

It’s almost time to start adding weight.

2nd workout: pullup/dip ladders to 5

When I can get all the reps, I’m going to start adding weight. Oh God, I’m going to need KBs before I can even afford them! Next week is going to feature some Hindu squats (playing by the same rules) and a couple of Martial Arts specific drills.

In other news, I’m notably “thicker” in the shoulders and traps. The inner “teardrop” of my quad is stronger, and I’ve got cuts in my delts for the first time since high school Lacrosse. Time to break out the tank tops, too, as it was 78 degrees in beautiful Boulder Colorado today. Damn I have spring fever.
From: dogchild. Date/Time: 2002-04-07 01:43:00

Help with kettlebells
Mike,I have had our athletes use kettlebells since March of 2001 here at Wake Forest.

I have been putting it in with our Olympic lifting routine. The one arm Kettlebell Snatch is best. I like the one and two arm swings. I will never give up the Olympic style lifts with our athletes but kettlebells are a great addition. I strongly recommend Pavel’s Kettlebell book and video. As for myself I have been using the kettlebells. I am 47 years old and have severe (grade 5) osteoarthritis in my right knee due to a wrestling injury that when the doctors took out all of my medial meniscus. I can even use the 72 lber., and it doesn’t bother my knee as much as when getting up to 90 kgs. on power cleans. I basically have had to give up the Olympic lifts with bumpers for the kettlebells!

In Strength,

Ethan Reeve
From: Ethan Reeve. Date/Time: 2002-02-23 14:27:50.

Re: Q for Coach Reeve
vorpalblade,We have 20 platforms with 20 squat stands, 20 power racks, 20 utility benches (0-90), 20 Olympic bars, 20 power bars, 20 sets of 10-15-20-25 kgs. bumper plates, 20 chin bars, and a lot of metal plates. We do everything as a team.

We can get our 60 varsity travel team to workout at one time. We run our workouts like a sport coach would run a sport practice. So, it is very important that we have plenty of everything we use. We don’t have a lot of frills in our weight room. We are looking to have a pair of 18-36-54-72 lbs. kettlebells at each one of our 20 platform stations. Does anyone else do this? I’m not sure! I believe we could be the first in this country. Can’t speak for the rest of the world. I have always wanted to train as a wrestler with kettlebells. I didn’t know anyone in this country that used them or made them. Too bad! I learned more about them like many of the other folks on this forum, through Pavel. I think kettlebells are more functional than dumbbells on the standup explosive lifts. So, I would prefer them rather buying dumbbells for each platform. Problem is where to store them at each platform. I’m going to have to design a rack unless someone on the forum has already done so.

In Strength,

Ethan reeve
From: Ethan Reeve. Date/Time: 2002-03-28 10:24:05

Comrades, it seems just like it almost happened overnight. As you all well know, around the holidays I was porked up to 242 and I regret not measuring bf then, but I’ll estimate and say 19-22%. Anyway, after the holidays I started kicking ass and taking names with the kbells and dropped 20 pounds in a short amount of time, it was a little less than a month. Anyway, after that I hit a plateau, even though I was trying to eat healthy and work out hard. Then I did 2 things differently, 1) I started doing very intense kbell circuits instead of doing 10-20 reps of snatch for example, then resting for 30 seconds and doing more sets until I got a specified number of reps. And 2) I took the advice of all the Comrades and said to hell with fancy shmancy diets or nutrition programs, I went back to basics and burned up more than I took in. I eat 5 meals a day and stick to higher protein diet w/fresh fruits and veggies for my carbs. Anyway I said all that to say this: The last weigh in and bf measurement I had was on January 28, I was 221 and 17.5%, well since then when I made the 2 adjustments I knew my pants were starting to feel almost normal again, back when I was trying to be a bodybuilder in the summer and was in my best shape (ha ha, please no bb comments, I have seen the light), this morning I weighed in at 216 and 15.3%bf. It’s insane, the kbells are just melting my fat away and I’m loving every minute of it. Look out single digit body fat and visible abs, here I come!!
From: Fish. Date/Time: 2002-02-08 10:18:15.

My Take on DBs vs. KBs…
I’ve followed the threads. Talk about digressions and tangents.Hey! I’m a Scot. Frugality oozes from my very pores. Yeah, kettlebells are kind of expensive. They will last forever unless you manage to set off a half-pound of Plastique in your basement/garage/backyard. As for the cost, go find your nearest foundry and have them make you a kettlebell and then get back to us. If you can score a real kettlebell in Estonia or Latvia, go for it. Only 30 euros? Shit, you can probably buy a used car for that much too. You can’t compare our economy with their lack of one. I’ve been to Tallin a few times (may be again in late May) and if I can snag a kettlebell there I will, if only for the novelty.

I’m sure you can plug dumbbells in for some kettlebell exercises. God knows I tried. Oh how I tried. You know what? Trying to use dumbbells instead of kettlebells is like watching a black and white filmstrip while your buddy’s got the 47-inch digital plasma monitor with surround sound. It just ain’t the same and you will not be able to reap the same kinds of benefits: motor and strength gains nor the same cardio effects given the awkwardness of high-rep dumbbell “swings.”

To sum up (and notice I didn’t mention Bruce Lee, Buddy Lee, Robert E. Lee, Lee Marvin, Lee Remick, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Lee Swaggart, or Sara Lee) If you have kettlebells, well done. If you don’t, get em. If you can’t afford em right now, don’t worry the factory will make more. If you will never be able to afford them, God bless you. Maybe Travelocity or will offer a super special roundtrip to Eastern Europe and you can fly there AND buy a set of kettlebells and fly back all for less than $400. Just remember to buy the Party a case of Estonian Vodka. Or else.

From: ScotPower. Date/Time: 2002-04-01 14:20:07

Kettle bells and State Wrestling Champion
Pavel, I just wanted to let you know how kettlebell training helped my 15-year old son win the 171 lb. 2A Colorado State wrestling championship last month as a freshman (season record was 49 wins, 2 losses, and 35 pins). He defeated a senior who was last years 171lb champion. He defeated seniors and juniors all season, in part, due to his increased strength and explosive power that was a direct result of our kettlebell training. We did KB presses every other day alternating with KB high rep workouts on alternate days. He dominated his weight class and his only losses were to the 3A 171lb champion and 3A 171lb runner-up, and that was early in the season before we really got going with the program. We started with the 1 pood bells and then later added the 1 1/2 pod. We just received our 2 pod bells and really enjoying them. No freshman in Colorado has ever won a championship at that heavy of a weight. Thanks again for helping make his success possible.
From: Kbrenegade. Date/Time: 2002-03-20 01:03:59

Review of RKC on
Pavel, I thought you might like to see a review of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge that I posted on the website:(five stars) The Ultimate Workout, December 27, 2001

Reviewer: Rob Randhava (see more about me) from Washington, DC United States

I agree wholeheartedly with what David Cooke has to say about the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Yes, it’s expensive, not a lot of text, and he spends a good deal of time promoting his other products. Let me start with this: if the rest of his products are as good as this book, I’m looking forward to cheerfully giving Pavel a lot more of my hard-earned money.

I got hooked on the basic idea of high-rep, ballistic dumbbell exercises about a month before I actually shelled out the money for this book, when an issue of MuscleMedia magazine had an article highlighting Pavel’s book and a few of the exercises he recommends. It was easy for me to jump right into it based simply on the magazine article because I had a lot of experience with “Olympic” lifts like the clean & jerk and the snatch. But I had never tried them with dumbbells before (I’ll get actual kettlebells eventually), and in two decades of lifting weights I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It is incredibly grueling, but the workout really does do everything that Pavel says it does: build explosive strength, burn fat, tone up your muscles (actually more like it turns them to steel). As exhausting as the workouts are, though, and as much as I dread going into the gym most days to do it, it’s also surprisingly easy on my back and all the joints that usually ache after a “conventional” lifting workout.

Bottom line is that at a few months shy of 30, after only a few months of the “Russian Kettlebell Challenge” (again, only using dumbbells for now), I’m heading towards being in far better shape than I ever was in my late teens or early 20s. I’ll probably never go back to those outmoded, obsolete 21st century workouts again.

So why did I buy the book, if I was already getting great results from a magazine article that I had only read one time? For me it was because the book showed me more great “old school” exercises . . . For example, I had never tried a “bent press” or a “side press” before. Wow. Not too many barbell exercises or “Hammer Strength” machines will set your lats, shoulders, abs, obliques, triceps, and biceps on fire all at once, like a bent press will.

Why should most people get this book? I’d imagine that very few people know how to do lifts like the clean & jerk or snatch correctly, and most people probably don’t even know what a bent press is! There is a lot of technique involved, and Pavel teaches you what you need to know; i.e. how to do these potentially dangerous lifts properly and – equally important – avoid dropping the weights on your head. He teaches them in a way that comes across as very simple, though, and easy to learn – and with a style that helps to get you motivated. Again, I’m totally with David Cooke on this one: I challenge anyone – who’s actually put this book to use – to come forward and honestly say they didn’t love the results!
From: Rob Randhava. Date/Time: 2002-01-03 13:10:47

Gains since becoming “Pavelized”
After adding PTTP and RKC techniques to my training ,my weighted dips have gone from 90 to 110 lbs for 5 reps(in 2 weeks!), weighted pull ups from 45 to 60 lbs. (neutral grip).Using hi-rep snatches as the main cardio exercise over a 2 week period, I achieved a min./mile time in a 5k race that I normally would only achieve after a month of training using mostly running. I plan to experiment with this further this spring race season. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually place in my age group! I move up to the next one (50-55 yrs.) this June, so it should be easier!

At the RKC certification I was unable to do deck squats, which I blamed on the lack of flexibility in my left knee (due to a broken distal femur in 1987). With a little practice this weekend, I can do them fairly easy. Maybe because I’ve doubled up on my Snatch workouts since that fateful previous weekend.

This stuff really works. Thanks to all those whose advice I’ve followed on this website, and especially to that fine Russian gentleman whose name you all know!
From: John Sansone. Date/Time: 2002-02-25 16:50:11

Kbs Definitely The Way To Go (long)
I just wanted to thank Pavel once again. A little while ago I discovered this website and became interested in functional strength and his training methods over the played out Joe Weider methods and those of the muscle mag set. I bought Power To The People and read it cover to cover! I trained using those methods for a month and the curiosity about Kbs overwhelmed me. Whoever wrote up the sales pitch for the Russian KB Challenge book and video is an expert salesman! I bought both the book and the video and two KBs the 1 pood and the 1.5 pood and right now Im contemplating two more matching KBs and maybe a lighter one for my wife! Well before I start rambling, I just wanted to say I’ve never gotten such results from any weight training of other type of exercise before!! I have been training 5 to 6 days per week. Each day concentrating of different types of movements, one day ballistics the next grind. Coupled with some bike riding and pullups I have indeed changed my physique for the better! My goal is to look like the Hercules rendition Pavel speaks of in the RKC book. And I have to say I’m getting there! Following the program maximum rules is key and I try to keep practice sessions to less than 45 minutes to 30 minutes. I’m starting to see the physique I had 10 years ago! I just wanted to say thank you all again, especially you Pavel!Yours In Strength,

Comrade John
From: JohnnyK. Date/Time: 2002-04-12 17:43:54

An overnight example of the KB “What the Hell?” effect
At work I have an Ironmind Captains of Crush gripper, # 1. The most reps I could comfortably bang out was 7 or 8 with the right hand, and about 4 or 5 with the left.Last week I got my 24 kg KB (have had the 16 kg for a while). I did some sets of military presses with it the first night (and tried and failed at doing the bottoms-up press), and it felt like I had to grip harder/tighter than for any other exercise I’ve done. I can side press at least 60 pounds, but the KB’s thick handle made it much more challenging than that.

So about 16 hours later I tried the gripper, and I did 12 reps with the right hand and 10 with the left. Now I can do at least 13 with each hand.

Yes, I made sure I was using the #1 gripper and not the trainer. I did spray some WD-40 on the #1 several days before because it squeaked pretty loud, but I didn’t notice any difference in the difficulty until after I played with the KB. My boss also uses the # 1 every now and then, and he said it seemed the same.

I take it from this that my nervous system started recruiting more fibers overnight. Would that be accurate? Has anyone else had such an immediate experience like this with weights or KBs? I’m still pretty surprised about it

Thanks for any comments!
From: Jsnow. Date/Time: 2002-02-18 18:28:54

Safety of the one arm snatch? (decision time!)
The one armed snatch is quite safe when performed according to the instructions. Take your time learning the lift. I had a hard time figuring out the flip at the top. With a little practice and some good tips from the members on this board I figured it out. There are plenty of good exercises in there to work with until you have perfected the snatch. You can get a good workout with high rep swings, cleans, and jerks. Of course there is also a whole battery of Grind exercises for you to do as well. Go get a KB and RKC I think you will be happier than with Combat conditioning. You can always include some Combat conditioning drills in your workouts but I don’t think you will find that necessary.For inspiration, I dumped three pounds this week using KB’s. I am an experienced trainer who usually finds it difficult to loose more than one pound a week most of the time. They really do work.
From: Mongo. Date/Time: 2002-03-03 21:33:18.

Went to the Gym for the first time in months today…
I have been working out with Kbells for over two months now, and haven’t set foot in a gym during that time. I also haven’t pulled a deadlift, any deadlift whatsoever, in over a year and a half. Did the following:Military press- 150 for 6, 160 for 4, 150 for 4.
W.towel pullup- bw+85 for 5,5,4,4,3
One arm dumbbell clean and jerk- 80 for 5, 90 and 100 for 3, 105 and 115 and 120 for a single.
Deadlift- 135, 225, 275, 315, 365, 405, 435

At 168 pounds, I deadlifted 435 without deadlifting for a year and a half. Add to that the record 120 pound clean and jerk, and I am a happy camper. The main thing is that I now I’m getting everything I need from kettlebells. Strength, endurance, power, strength-endurance….. truly awesome. Thanks Pavel…
From: Johnypullups. Date/Time: 2002-03-24 20:23:08

Kettlebell carryover to volleyball=success
I haven’t seen many posts regarding athletic performance gains with kettlebell training so I want to relate to the Party my success in the brief time I’ve been slinging around my puny 1 pood kettlebell, more specifically as it relates to recovery. For over a month my volleyball team hasn’t played in a tournament due to scheduling conflicts, injuries, etc. and during that time I’ve been practicing mostly the ballistic drills, swings and one-armed snatches with some military presses thrown in. Well, after an all day tournament yesterday, with 6 matches that lasted up to an hour each, I finally got to see what everyone has been raving about for myself. Although I didn’t notice an increase in my vertical leap I was able to jump just as high and come in for my approaches just as fast at the very end of the day as the beginning. I play one of the most physically demanding positions in volleyball, middle blocker, and normally the day after a tournament I can hardly walk and experience delayed onset muscle soreness in nearly every muscle in my body, especially my abs and legs but I woke up this morning with hardly any ill effect. It’s unbelievable! I’m the grizzled veteran on my team at 34 but after long rallies when my much younger teammates were sucking wind I felt fine and after the last match when they were all hobbling around, moaning and groaning I felt fresh as a daisy. Who knew kettlebells could have such a profound effect?
From: majorwoody. Date/Time: 2002-02-11 15:04:22

Kettlebells RULE!!! (longish PR ramblings)
Comrades!I have been doing nothing but RKC for 2-4 days a week since November and I just dusted off my barbell set to see if my deadlift had suffered much. My previous best had been a shaky 300 for a single rep. Well, I had decided to skip my workout for tonight due to some arm and back soreness from working out the past couple of days (read: “I didn’t feel up to doing any real work”) but reading through the latest posts had me stoked to do SOMETHING. So I went to the garage, loaded up a barbell, and, having given up warmups a long time ago, proceeded to crank out 5 solid singles with 300!!!

I got my Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology 4 years ago and I have been a student of fitness for the past 10, and I have long searched for a mode of fitness that could deliver everything I wanted. With thanks to Pavel (and a tip of the hat to Brooks Kubik) I have totally modified the way I look at exercise. No longer do I pursue a physique that would impress Bill Phillips–I now seek physical capabilities that would satisfy Russian crazies like Igor Sukhotsky and Anatoly Taras. (BTW Pavel, I anxiously await your article on Taras’ PT tests for Spetsnaz!) If, in the process, I achieve a build resembling a Greek statue, all the better.

I have spread the Propaganda where ever I go and have introduced a new comrade to the evil of the kettlebell. He has purchased a pair of 60# dumbbells for working out at home and is apparently terrorizing the college gym he frequents by carrying sandbags for a couple of miles around the track and performing Turkish getups with 85# dumbbells. Ahh, he makes me proud. I believe he has just ordered a 1 pood and a 1.5 pood.

For the record, I tried for a long time to “make due” with cheaper dumbbells. I have a pair of 50s (not too hard to work with) and a pair of 100s (very hard to work with) but they DO NOT COMPARE TO KETTLEBELLS. If you aren’t sure about laying down the hard earned cash for a KB, I honestly urge you to make the investment. My dvukhpudovik has been the best fitness investment I have ever made, my degree notwithstanding.

Comrades, years ago when I began to seek improved performance, and not just improved looks, I read of some people trying to achieve 300-400-500 status, meaning a bench press of 300, squat of 400, and deadlift of 500.

For some time, this summed up my pursuits as well. However, I have expanded it to a goal I call “1234567.” My [long term!] goal is:

a pullup with 100# around my waist
a clean and press of 200#
a bench press of 300#
a squat of 400#
a deadlift of 500#
1 mile in 6:00 minutes
sit and reach of 7 inches past my feet

And for the first time, I will NOT be sitting down for hours trying to think up the perfect split system, and combination of free weights and machines, and six meal per day nutritional schedules, and supplementation schedules, and the 100% fail-proof perfect set/rep equation and ROM and time under load…..I WILL, however, pick up my kettlebell and just enjoy the pain. And THAT will work.

Be strong,

From: Matthias. Date/Time: 2002-02-25 23:40:47.

Testimonial on effects of KB’s – longish
I know I’m mainly preaching to the choir here, but I wanted to share some of my results after using my new 1 pood KB for the past month. A month ago I could only do 1 pullup. I’m a bit embarrassed to have to admit that here, but there you go. Today, having not tried to do any pullups for the past month I did 3! Again, no great shakes around here, but a 300% improvement for me. A few minutes later I did 3 again just to prove to myself that it wasn’t a fluke. A few minutes later I did 2 – I might have been able to crank out another, but I didn’t want to go to failure on it. I followed up with 3 dips, again something I haven’t been able to do before. I decided to try deadlifting. I’d only done it once in the past month and put 245 lbs on the bar – 20 pounds heavier than I’ve ever done with the Oly bar. I got it up! I did a set of 5 at that weight and finished with a 1×5 at 215lbs. The lighter weight almost felt like it floated up.What fun! I’m sold. Thanks for listening.

From: MarkWT. Date/Time: 2002-04-09 23:43:37.

Yet another reason to say thank you to Pavel and the forum…
A BIG thank you to all the people that contribute and make this forum great. I just got back from TDY at a base I hadn’t been to very often and didn’t know the lay of the land very well. Couple that with long working hours and no means of transportation save my feet and I would have had a problem working out. Before I stumbled on Pavel and Dragondoor forum I was a bells and whistles kind of guy. I had to have a full gym to get through a workout, and it just wasn’t a workout without the bench press and arm curls.Since learning a new way to look at physical training, and the in’s and out’s (read pain and pleasures) of K-belling I don’t see things like that anymore. All I had for the TDY were my K-bells that I brought from home and the billeting room. Everything got utilized from the chairs for push-ups and pistols, to the doors and doorjams for pullups and stretches. Each and every workout I did left me exhausted, sweaty, and grinning from ear to ear. Thank you Pavel and forum for teaching me, above all, to make more out of what I’ve got. Medic1
From: Medic1. Date/Time: 2002-04-02 15:45:10.

Tsatsouline is KING!
I managed to get this e-mail address from Clarence Bass, who was around when Bob Hoffman, York Barbells, and my dad were promoting weightlifting here in the Texas in the 1950′ and ’60’s. I remember as a small child, my father having two bowling ball size weights with grab handles on them. They were rusty, and my mother hated them for the powdery mess that they would leave. Dad would swing them around, doing passes side to side from one hand to the other and under him. They scared me….THEY DO NOT SCARE ME NOW!!!!

You, sir, are changing my life with your philosophy and training regimen. I cannot believe what my body is turning into already, and I am only using dumbbells, not Kettlebells, which I expect to earn money to buy next month. 30 years of circuit training, with numerous tears, injuries, even breaks cannot even compare to how I feel and look after only three weeks. I feel like a beast, even after my workouts, which incidentally, freak out my gym to watch. You obviously are such an awesome icon of the male form, I would be proud to look even half as good as you, and I expect this year achieve this. I have lost more fat in 3 weeks than I did doing the bodyforlife program in 6!!!. And I need to. From 315 last October, I am now at 274 and falling fast. I am advocating the Warrior diet as the best to do with your method. I have biceps ALREADY PEAKING!!!. Never have I had a peak to my biceps. Usually they just get bigger overall. I actually have small but growing point!!!

What can I say Pavel, I am glad the wall fell down in ’91. Glad you are here. I am loyal to YOUR party. And I am already well past just liking you….If you ever come to the southwest, please visit the best place in Texas, AUSTIN. We all do not ride horses, sometimes we ride Harley’s!!

Friends forever, Tonto (aka Mike)
From: yeowzuh. Date/Time: Friday, February 22, 2002 12:42:15 PM

I just got (well made) a kettle bell and let me tell you their is a world of difference. The flip of the weight at the top the grip training and impact training are all invaluable. You can use dumbbells until you buy or make your own kettlebells. You are better off with them. I dumped the classic 1% body fat last week working with the KB. The snatch is so much more challenging with the KB. I have trained with DB and BB for a long time and I think that KB are definitely worth adding.
From: Mongo. Date/Time: 2002-02-25 19:25:46.

How to add 80lbs to your DL in three weeks without DLing!!!
All you have to do is take Supper XXX Gain and you can do it too…. NOT!!!Ok before I get flamed off the board, I am sure I can’t keep up this kind of thing. Otherwise, I will be DLing over 1400 pounds by the end of the year (which I seriously doubt). About three weeks ago I got a 1 pood KB. For the first week I worked with it a little and still did my PTP style workouts. I have dumped about 8 pounds in the three weeks. For two weeks as of yesterday I have been working KB almost exclusively (I still did pullups and pistols). I decided to go over and find out how KB had effected my DL. To my amazement my previous max of 285 felt like paper. So I tried 300. Still not too hard. Then I did 315. Difficult but still not too bad. So I said what the hell and put 365 on it. And it went up!!!

Why this miracle? I am going to have to guess its nervous systems gains from KBing as well as explosive gains for the start. I know 365 is still not that much on this board but for me it’s really good. I am one of those people Pavel jokes about with a big squat and a tiny dead lift. Maybe in a few months I can get up to 400. The great thing is I am an experienced lifter. (never did too many DL though) I haven’t gained like this since I was 15! Have fun guys and if you haven’t bought a KB go do it!!!!!!


Excellent, Mongo, Excellent
From: Mongo. Date/Time: 2002-03-04 20:14:44.

1st time I’ve grappled: PTP & RKC really work!!!
Just wanted to post that the first time I grappled in my martial arts class was last night. I study a blend of the martial arts, including, but not limited to Tae kwon do, Jun Fon, Wing Chun, Tai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Savate, etc. AT any rate, the drill that we did was that we are seated back to back, and when the instructor says go, you try to make the other guy tap out within one minute. I weigh 180 lbs. and I tapped out a guy who’s 250 lbs.!! We immediately switched and then I tapped out another guy who outweighs me by about 40 lbs., with an arm bar!The only reason that I was able to do this was because I can feel that I was stronger than both guys, including absolute strength, and certainly relative strength. This is all due to PTP and RKC!! Thanks again Pavel!!

Nick R.
From: Nick Radonjic. Date/Time: 2002-02-19 10:53:11

Re: Is it worth it?
What are your fitness/health goals worth to you? Personally, I don’t think of Pavels stuff as an expenditure, it’s an investment to me.
From: nikko. Date/Time: 2002-04-01 17:05:38.

Training update (long – my apologies) any advise welcome.
Comrades,I am only able to get to the computer about once a month and thought I would post how I am doing. After working out with KB’s only for about six weeks (re: not trying to do PtP and RKC at the same time) my resting pulse rate has dropped from the mid 80’s (bad) to an all time low of 52 bpm. I have also been able to tighten my belt a notch or two and may soon need a new duty (gun) belt as my old one is getting to big. I also actually have muscles on my arms that I have never seen before. They are just slight curves now, but I have always had straight “stick” arms. my legs and back are also toning up.

My workouts consist of doing as many swings, cleans, and snatches as possible. I rotate them through the work out concentrating on keeping my pulse rate around 145 bpm for about 20 mins. For instance I will start with a palm press (Really like the way I have to work on balance) x5 for each arm two times and then I will do as many snatches as I can with each arm short of failure, take a short break do as many cleans as I can w/ each arm short of failure, take a break, so some easy swings to keep my pulse up, do some clean and push presses or jerks, rest, do more snatches, etc. until I have kept my pulse rate up for at least 20 mins.

Sometimes I will do what I call my sprint set where I go through swings (say 15 each arm) the without stopping move on to snatches (say 10 each arm) the without stopping cleans with a push press (about 5 each arm) then cleans (about 20 each arm) and finish of with under the leg passes (about 30). After this I collapse for about a minute, do some light swings and then move into something else like some snatches or cleans.

The workouts are very free form and I gauge them according to minor chest pain/breathing difficulty (asthma and I hate using my inhaler–makes my heart race).

I have never been in shape in my life before and am no expert at all, but this seems to be working. When I get back from vacation I plan on taking three weeks for a PtP cycle, then get back to RKC. I apologize if this was to long and not written out the way workouts usually are. I keep records and my reps have gone up and times are longer when I am rested and have the time for a “killer” workout. thank you all for any advise given.
From: phil459. Date/Time: 2002-04-11 10:42:25

Did Hindu Squats, then did RKC…
I did Hindu Squats for about 9 months as part of a CC-style bodyweight regimen. My waist stayed at 36″.I then took up PTP and RKC. After about 3 weeks of RKC (mostly swings and under leg pass, some push presses, jerks, and 2-hand bottoms up MP) I tore up my pants doing push presses (it was Halloween, didn’t want to scare the trick-or-treating kids in my nasty workout clothes). I had to go buy a replacement pair and was shocked to find 36″ waist pants being too large – I had to get a 34″ waist pair. All with no diet changes.

So for me personally, RKC ballistic drills – especially swings – has been more effective than Hindu Squats for burning body fat.
From: phv. Date/Time: 2002-03-06 11:47:52.

Re: People of Dragon Door!
Swedan55,There is a great difference between the kettlebell and the dumbbell. Last year before I had worked with the kettlebell I used an 80 lbs. dumbbell and performed 20 sets of 5+5 on the snatch in 20-25 mins. and it didn’t really bother me all that much. However, 10 sets of 5+5 with the 72 lbs. kettlebell just about floors me. The most I have done in a row with one arm on the 72 lbs. kettlebell is 25+25 and that is the workout. Hope this helps you. Now, I prefer to work with the 36 +53 lbers. most of the time.

In Strength,

Ethan Reeve
From: Ethan Reeve. Date/Time: 2002-02-25 20:46:50.

Re: That is BRILLIANT!
Yuri,take your bodyweight on bar and start where you feel your level is:
30×2 in 30 mins.
20×3 in 20 mins.
15×4 in 15 mins.
12×5 in 12 mins.
10×6 in 10 mins.
8×7 in 8 mins.
7×8 in 7 mins.
6×9 in 6 mins.
3×10 with 1 min. break after set
3×11 with 1 min. break after set
3×12 with 1 min. break after set
2×13 with 1 min. break after set
2×14 with 1 min. break after set
2×15 with 1 min. break after set
2×16 with 1 min. break after set
2×17 with 1 min. break after set
1×18, 1×12 with 1 min. break after set
1×19, 1×11 with 1 min. break after set
1×20, 1×10 with 1 min. break after set

By this time you should be pretty close to 1×30 reps with bodyweight.

I have had football players do 48, 45, and many in the 30 reps range training this way for the NFL test on 225 lbs. bench. We also had them do this only once per week while doing heavy singles once per week. Along with this we did 4×8’s twice per week on dumbbell bench triceps extensions, plate raises, chinups. We used the 225 lbs. on bench only when we went for reps. On singles we worked up to only did 1 single at 1RM.I’m sure there are many ways to attack this so be creative. I tend to not like the bench all that much. I still don’t care that much for this as a test of strength for football players. I wish they would test the kettlebell clean-n-press for reps with a 72 lbers.

In Strength,

Ethan Reeve
From: Ethan Reeve. Date/Time: 2002-03-13 15:44:48.

I’ve added RKC explosive drills to my regimen with great success
The bodyfat is melting off while my muscles seem to be getting “denser”.Someone I work with came up to me the other day and said, “you’re getting in better shape right before my eyes”.

Really – the results are so amazing, it’s immensely motivating.

No, you can’t spot reduce (except with surgery) so fat loss has to be systemic.
From: Master Rinpoche. Date/Time: 2002-01-31 10:26:31.

These explosive KB drills are making me svelte
OK,I’m doing my best to watch what I eat – and this has been helpful.

Last night I didn’t get home till late, and I had no groceries, and it was snowing (sounds like the beginning of one of my grandfather’s stories). The only thing open close by was McDonalds, and my wife was yelling that she was hungry and wanted something quick.

I was starving and ate a big mac, super size fries, coke, apple pie, and hot fudge sundae.

Weighed in this morning – expecting to have bloated out from the salt / fat / carbs nightmare I just ingested – and I lost a couple pounds.

Now I wouldn’t keep eating like this every day, but it’s nice to see I can abuse myself once in a while as long as I exercise right. I like the tight wiry strength I’m getting too – even if my jujutsu mates don’t.
From: Master Rinpoche. Date/Time: 2002-02-01 14:08:04.

Re: People of Dragon Door!
Steve, kettlebells are better for two hundred different reasons, half of which can be explained and half of which have to be experienced. If you don’t believe us, fine, that’s your prerogative. But I strongly suggest you invest in one kettlebell, and that will settle the matter. I’ve converted numerous kettlebell skeptics in approximately five minutes apiece. As with certain religious conversions, each of these ended with the converted writhing on the ground … in agony or ecstasy, it was hard to tell.
From: Rob Lawrence. Date/Time: 2002-02-25 20:51:37.

Funny testimonial about KB Weekend
After getting back from the KB weekend and being sore as hell, I decided to get a massage and see my ART (active release technique) practitioner. I took of my shirt as always and she stated “I can tell that you had a rough weekend.” At first I thought she was referring to my bruises. However, that was only part of the analysis. The other part is that she stated that I looked leaner and more ripped from when I saw her before I went to MN, which was last week. After she made that comment, I looked in the mirror and noticed that she was right and that I was in fact more defined. Amazing what can happen in 2 1/2 days (of course being Pavel’s guinea pig does not help either 🙂
From: Rumi5150. Date/Time: 2002-02-22 16:58:19.

KB carryover into pistols
I had been doing pistols as part of my workouts and quit because of a knee injury, however I was able to continue my KB workouts. I was only able to go halfway down while doing pistols because I was not strong enough (yet) to do full pistols. That was a little over a month ago, and today I cranked out 3 full pistols AFTER my KB workout! I never ceased to be amazed by the power of the KB!
From: Scotty. Date/Time: 2002-03-02 16:28:01.

Left coast new party member
GreetingsI am an ex SEAL (12 years in) with some back damage. Listened to pencil necks for too long following disc surgery, led to 10 years of decay. Woke up and began working out again about a year ago. Discovered KBs a couple of months ago and am having fun and feeling better than I have in along time. The 1 poods are getting light so a 1.5 is on the way. Just signed up for the seminar in Seattle. Looking forward to starting PTP.

From: Dave W. Date/Time: 2002-04-02 16:33:45

KB and swimming
I’m a lousy swimmer. I’ve been doing KB for about 2 months now and last week I got a pool membership so I can pass the Marine Corps swim test. I can definitely feel that KB has helped my strokes. Important things like breath control and relaxation I’ll just have to learn by “getting wet” but KB definitely helped me in my swimming.
From: sok. Date/Time: 2002-02-20 15:03:45.

Forearms tougher after RKC
I was performing knife blocks with my forearms in a jiu jitsu class last night and noticed that my forarms take a lot more punishment after RKC. Not just stronger muscles but more impact resistance.
From: Stoker. Date/Time: 2002-02-14 18:33:28.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just had my weigh in that I have been sweating for the past few months. My max allowable weight is 211 but I’m 213. Thankfully I passed my body fat percentage though of 20%. 8 weeks ago I weighed 222!!!! Thank you, Pavel, K-bells (that’s all I’ve been using) and to everyone else on the board for all your help. I owe you one BIG TIME!!!!Taz
From: Tazman. Date/Time: 2002-01-23 03:59:28

What worked for me…
Snatches and C&J’s. And a lot of them!!!! I did one or two of the military practices found in the back of RKC (what can I say I’m sentimental,,, or was that just mental, whatever) but mostly I stuck to the snatch and C&J. As far as diet I didn’t do anything too drastic except stay away from the double bacon cheeseburgers, I just ate pretty much like I normally do. But let me tell you, marketing hype my ass I’m a believer now, if you’ve got the balls to work the hell out of them kettlebells RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Taz
From: Tazman. Date/Time: 2002-01-23 15:28:02.

Ripped 205 from the floor 5 times this a.m.
I’ve laid off PTP for the last few weeks (about 8 or so actually) in favor of RKC. For those of you who don’t remember why check out my “I DID IT!!!” thread. As it said I had been doing a lot of high rep snatches and C&J. Prior to hitting the K-bells I was working out with 185lbs DL for 5 reps. That was the top of my last cycle. After coming back off the bells I wanted to see if I had lost anything. Nope, in fact I gained!!! Thankfully I didn’t add up the weight until I was out of the gym. Had I seen the numbers I probably would have given in to my ego and gone for higher. It’ll come, I know. So I guess, for me at least, high rep snatches dropped my body fat and built STRENGTH!!! These things are cool. I can’t wait to get done with the PTP cycle to get back at the bells.Train smart,

From: Tazman. Date/Time: 2002-01-28 00:47:12.

Finally received a real kettlebell– what a difference!
I started out like many with my kettlebelll exercises: First I used a dumbbell playing with snatches and other lifts and I thought “wow this stuff really kicks my ass!” Next I upgraded to a plate loading kbell trying one type than the other, and I thought “wow this swinging over the hand and momentum stuff really kicks my ass worse than the dumbbell!” Finally I broke down and bought (2) 53lb real kettlebells. I just got back from my workout using the plate loaded kettlebell but saw the package from Dragondoor and couldn’t resist. It only took a few snatches, presses, swings, etc.. to realize that I should have went with the original from the beginning. If any of you are wondering if they are worth it; they are!The grip is wider, the weight more compact, it doesn’t blast my shoulder with the edge of a plate, and the lever distance doesn’t seem to be as far which reduces the crashing effect to a more reasonable level. I am sold.
From: Trevor Thrasher. Date/Time: 2002-03-06 17:38:26.

Here’s another testimonial to the wonderful benefits of RKC.I should give you a little background. I’m currently in the Army, so I’m used to doing P.T. everyday and then lifting 3 times a week. I USED to lift weights and I WAS doing the BFL challenge. I got by boyfriend, Chuck, interested in the BLF program (after a little arm twisting) and he also started reading Muscle Media (a little arm twisting again). Chuck is the EVIL one responsible for getting me hooked on RKC and PTP.

You see, Chuck didn’t really enjoy bodybuilding and when the November issue of Muscle Media came out with the article “Red Alert! Russian-style dumbbell training” he took notice. Myself, on the other hand, noticed the BIG BULKY guy. Unfortunately, I immediately flipped the page without giving it another thought. The last thing I want to do was bulk up anymore especially since, I’m already on the muscular side for a female and my main goal is to tone up and hack off body fat.

Was I ever wrong!

Before I knew what was happening Chuck has gone completely insane (or so I thought). One day, I go to pick up my mail and I have a 36pound package waiting for me. YES, you guessed it! He bought me a 1 pood KETTLEBELL along with the PTP book and RKC book. Okay, now I better take the time to seriously look into his MADDNESS! After all, the countless e-mailed articles were understandable, but this is going a little overboard.

To say the least, the books were wonderful, but it still took a little twisting MY ARM to get me to start the workouts, because I still had my doubts.

Luckily for me, Chuck and his evilness came to the rescue. After twisting my arm (paybacks) he got me to do his PTP workout. WOW! I wasn’t tired, but rather energized (unlike my workouts). It took me a little longer to get the nerve to start the RKC. I went from being literally flipped head over heels (my first attempt to do a two arm swing) and barely being able to lift it, to getting control and it’s getting lighter!

I haven’t even got to the best part yet! Company P.T. has gotten easier, I’ve noticed a considerable increase in strength and endurance. This all seems too good to be true, especially since I’ve just scratched the surface (I’ve only been working out “Russian” style for almost a month (2wk PTP, 1.5wks RKC). I’ve never had these results with my weight lifting routines.

Now, I’m the crazy one talking about kettlebells to all my friends and how wonderful they are. Of course, they don’t have much interest… YET!

Moral of the story… beware of what you do unto others, for they may turn the tables. Luckily for me, this has been a wonderfully evil experience. Thank you, Chuck! I couldn’t ask for a more loving, evil boyfriend! Of course, thank you to Pavel for making all of this possible.

Regards, Tonya
From: tonya1980. Date/Time: 2002-01-11 18:06:54.

Re: Carolyn, Welcome!!!!!!
Carolyn,WELCOME! It’s great to hear your enthusiasm and motivation to get started with a new practice! You’ve discovered a gold mine.

I would also highly recommend Mike (Rumi) for nutritional and training assistance. Mike’s been helping me out since mid-February and he knows he’s stuff and is a great individual.

As far as RKC and PTP it looks like you’ve gotten some great advice from others here on the board. The only thing I could add to it, is a suggestion on what to read/buy first in case you’re on a limited budget and can only afford a couple books/videos right now.

I, personally, am glad that I read Pavel’s PTP book first, even though I was more interested in RKC. I can’t say enough about the book as far as how Pavel cuts to the chase and explains all questions on strength and techniques. Especially as a female, this book puts all my fears on bulking up in the round file and all the non-sense floating around out there pertaining to female lifting. My goal too, is to trim down, gain strength, and get great muscle tone. The PTP book puts things right into perspective and is a huge motivator. I’ve read and re-read my PTP book at least four times since I got it as a Christmas gift.

Second, on my list of recommendations is the RKC video. Simply, because if you don’t have someone there to show you the moves/techniques things might get frustrating trying to teach yourself from the pictures in the book. I’m actually surprised I didn’t wear my video out. I’m not joking either, I watched the video everyday when I did the RKC practice for the first two weeks. I would stop the video and rewind to watch a move over and over again. Then practice the move and re-watch if necessary. Sounds like a game I think we’ve all played growing up… follow the leader. I’ll admit that at first site a KB can be intimidating, especially the thought of swinging it above my head, but that will quickly subside, just respect the weight and always be safe.

When you get the money the book is excellent and defiantly something you should read. All of Pavel’s books and videos are well worth the investment and you can’t go wrong. The main thing to remember is to pace yourself, use common sense, and it’ll be a blast!!



~Never, never underestimate the power of a woman lifting kettlebells!~
From: tonya1980. Date/Time: 2002-03-14 15:35:33.

UFC Fighters and Kettlebell Training! Very Cool
On of the best UFC fighters in the lightweight category is BJ Penn. BJ is an awesome fighter that is fast as lightening and almost one the lightweight title in a recent UFC Bout. Here is an email that BJ sent me regarding is training:”BJ gave me this workout for you guys. It helps improve balance, explosive power, and anaerobic (without oxygen) strength.

Here’s the workout (Compliments of

Complete 3-5 rounds of this circuit. Each for time.
– Box Jump, 20″ box, 50 jumps.
– Kettlebell swing, 40 reps. If you dont have a kettlebell use a dumbell instead.
– Sit-ups, 30 reps.
– Run, 400 meters.”

Pretty cool that he is using kettlebells, although I should not be surprised.

Mike Mahler
From: Rumi5150. Date/Time: 2002-03-11 11:55:39

My report to the Party of one month KB workout experiment
About a month ago I suspended my westside barbell method powerlifting workout and went for a month of straight KB workout. I just did the max effort on reg. deadlift and get this folks. I just added forty pounds to my PR on 1RM. My 1RM deadlift went up from 325lb to 365lb. My deadlift technique got a lot more snap in it and more explosive. I noticed the same thing on my squat technique.If you think that KB workout are easiest way raise your PR on your lifts. Think again, KB workouts are tough! But you will get excellent results.

I like to thank Com. Pavel and the party for the results I am getting. I am 6 feet and weight 180 lbs. Lifting the twice of your body weight is pretty cool eh?

I will do max effort on my bench press this wed and will make a report. But I do not expect any gain in my PR on my bench press but we’ll see.
From: Craig. Date/Time: 2001-10-29 09:47:25.

6 monthsAt age 68-incredible gains in energy, strength, explosiveness, power, speed, overall coordination, balance, flexibility, joint mobility, restoration of all ranges of motion, ability to do difficult body weight exercises, dramatic increase in overall endurance, posture, correction of lower back weakness, completion of the repair of a very serious shoulder injury from 6 years ago and far better muscle definition than ever in my entire life. From a typical aging old codger to being able to keep up with some of the best young whipper snappers. All from a funny looking iron ball with a big fat handle introduced by some evil dude from Russia!

All I can say is that if you want a wild ride just put aside anything you know about training the human body, get one, and follow the directions…. Andy68
From: Andy68. Date/Time: 2001-11-20 10:25:53.

Re: going back to the gym
For the cost of one’s month’s gym membership you can buy a heavy dumbbell (or two) to do KB workouts. For the price of 2 months membership you can buy a small KB.Unless you live in a closet or can’t exercise outside, gym memberships aren’t worth it. Simplify
From: David C. Date/Time: 2001-08-21 14:19:57.

Re: K(G)B Report comrades
I have been only doing the KB’s for two weeks. Already, in my sparring class, I tapped out a guy who’s been regularly kicking my butt in the year that I’ve been training at the dojo. Though I got tired in some of my later sessions and got tapped out myself, what do you expect after just two weeks? I certainly didn’t expect to get this far this fast! ZT is right!
From: Ari. Date/Time: 2001-06-02 20:48:10.

Olympic Lifts and The Weightlifting Encyclopedia
The book is an excellent book. I’ve been an Olympic lifter for over twenty years…it has kept me strong, athletic and young! Keep the reps low (1-3) and I was basically doing the “grease the groove” method without knowing it. I always believed a little work everyday was better that a lot of work just a few days…it always worked for me, and then learning of Pavel reinforced my beliefs. Now, I have been turned on to kettlebells, and I am having a ball with them. Again, I do a little work with KB’s has made my body even stronger after twenty years of OL. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Do yourself a favor and get a kettlebell or two. And don’t get “tied down” in all the science of Olympic lifting. All the great lifters I’ve worked with have kept it simple…which if you follow this forum, is what Pavel seems to advocate. His advice is right on the money!
From: Sbadsaint. Date/Time: 2001-06-09 05:20:23.

A stellar exercise system
This tape introduces the Russian ethnic sport of kettlebell lifting. A “Kettlebell” is like a little cannonball with a suitcase handle attached. Hard to find, but several website sell “kettlebell handles” which can be used with standard weight plates, and in truth, many of the exercises can be done with dumbbells. For a variety of biomechanically sound reasons, the Kettlebell workouts deliver an astounding variety of athletic benefits, including literally melting the fat off your body. I’ve lost about 1% body fat per week on the system. It is so intense it’s downright scary. The endurance benefits are equally impressive. Pavel’s presentation is clear, concise, informative, no-nonsense. This tape is for people who are SERIOUS about fitness.
From: Steven Barnes Date: August 7, 2001

K-bells and PTP
Alternating PTP and RKC in two week cycles for just about three months, have gone from deadlifting 5 X 120 to 5 X 245. New 1RM is 325. I weigh exactly the same (180 lbs) but leaner, stronger, and with bigger shoulders. Handling the one pood in RKC, and getting into some drills with the 1.5 pood.Also more flexible with the aid of RIS and SJ, and smarter thanks to the comrades on this forum.

You will enjoy.

Comrade Barry
From: Barry1001. Date/Time: 2001-12-03 23:32:01.

Bear or PTP?
The things are scary, I did a 2 week cycle with 35 pound dumbbells, and at the end, many of my muscles had taken a steel cable texture, plus, I started running with the return of milder temperatures, and my first test run was at the end of that cycle, and I beat my best distance of last year (I run 30 minutes on these monthly runs, stick to Slavinsky Byeg on the rest of the schedule).
From: Stéphane Beaudin. Date/Time: 2001-05-31 15:51:08.

Re: Kettlebell Question from BradJ’s wife
Com Brad,My wife started on KB’s three weeks ago along with my 12 year old sons, the changes in my wife’s appearance are staggering to say the least especially when you consider that the first 7 days were spent teaching her proper technique. She has now dropped her gym membership and will be working out entirely with the KB’s for the next three months, we will be taking measurements tonight so that I can quantify her progress which I will post monthly.

Encourage your wife to try this form of exercise, it will deliver results the spandex and lycra brigade could never hope to match.

From: nickle. Date/Time: 2001-12-03 07:31:10.

KB vs. Tae Bo
Now, this is going to be embarrassing, but I have to admit that I enjoy doing Tae Bo tapes with my wife. The advanced ones, hitting a heavy bag, offer a decent sweat, and the time with the Better Half is great. But something interesting happened yesterday. It was the first time after several weeks of getting back to Tae Bo. My wife had been treadmilling faithfully, and we’d run on the track a bit, but I’d been KB’ing 5-6 days a week for the past 3 weeks, and wondered how the Tae Bo would feel. Usually, we work hard enough (hitting a heavy bag for an hour is tough–even if only to an aerobics tape) for both of us to stop and gasp from time to time. Well, my wife was wiped out, and I was GRINNING through 90% of it. Only some of the small-muscle floor exercises taxed me at all! About all I can say is…Pavel, if you don’t do a “KB Work-along” tape for the general market, someone else is going to, and will get rich doing it. Your methods are, quite simply, superb.Com. Steve
From: sebarnes. Date/Time: 2001-07-20 10:51:22.

A drop in heart rate after two weeks of straight KBs
Yesterday morning after I got off from 12 hour night shift I went to Walmart to pick up a couple of dumbbell handles. I went over to pharmacy section and did a blood pressure test on a machine there. It show my heart rate at 60 beats per minute. I didn’t believe as first so I did a second test and it shows 61 beats per minute. My previous heart rate was always at in lower seventies. After two week of torture on 24kg KB and I just dropped 10 BPM on my heart rate in that so short of time.
From: Craig. Date/Time: 2001-10-18 06:34:09.

Don’t know my own strength!!
During our family football game on Thanksgiving, I had a good example of the effects of my PTP and RKC workouts. My sister-in-law has a small garden plot in her back yard about 12 or 14 feet wide. Many times in the past, I have taken a running leap over this while playing some sort of game with the kids. As I was being chased, I decided that it was time for my famous leap over the garden. I not only cleared the garden but also flew an extra 10 feet or so landing in the neighbor’s bushes. I hit the ground and went head over heels a couple of times. Needless to say the kids loved it and wanted me to do it again. I told them maybe next year.
From: dakall. Date/Time: 2001-11-25 14:19:24.

Attention: anyone with SJ or Pavel.
Comrades,Was experiencing pain in my left elbow ever since I purchased a new dipping/pullup station (it has 2 inch diameter handles.) I’m assuming it was because of this, the large handles that is. Anyway, I began locking out on my last rep and just holding the weight for ~ 10sec.

Is this an acceptable practice as outlined in super joints? Just curious because the pain is gone. I haven’t gotten around to purchasing SJ yet, maybe for Christmas.

BTW Pavel, since I received my KB’s, I have no lower back pain when I deadlift. My arthritis is also much more manageable. Power to the Party!!!!

From: Comrade Logan. Date/Time: 2001-11-26 10:52:29

Strictly KB: Fat loss & muscle gain: They Work!!
Just a little progress report and a little friendly peer pressure to those who are still skeptical about KB only training:I’ve been training almost strictly (a few weighted chins and deads thrown in) w/ KBs for a little almost 3 months now. I’ve made steady and noticeable progress. I can now clean two 24kg bells for sets of 6-7 during a hard, no break practice of 20-30 min. I can do around 10 or more reps if I’m fresh. I’ve been doing ladders w/ snatches starting at 1 and working up to 5 w/ out rest. Switching arms after each ladder set. Along w/ specific forearm/grip work and KB, I’ve gained about 1/2 inch in less then a month on my wrists and forearms. I contribute most of the gain to KBs. My tendons in my wrist and elbows actually stand out now! They look like little cables under my skin. I lost about 5 pounds in a couple months and have gained back about 2-3 pounds which is all muscle since I continue to grow more defined. I lost a little on my deads but not much. Maybe 20 pounds at the most. Weighed chins, maybe 10 pounds. It’s truly amazing. I can’t wait to get the 72 pounder. Anyone who thinks that fixed weight KB lifts can’t put on muscle and strength obviously haven’t dedicated themselves to it seriously. Take the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and become inhuman!

From: Dano. Date/Time: 2001-08-16 23:02:52.

Pavel wasn’t kidding about kettlebells
My metabolism is starting to really heat up now. I had an excellent bell workout today even though I’m just getting over a nasty cold. I can’t believe how dense and solid my muscles are getting! All comrades who have their bells know what I’m talking about. I was pretty lean before I started using the kettlebell but I’m going to look like a gnarled piece of wood in a couple of weeks at this rate. Don’t mean to ramble, just wanted to share my results w/ the Party. p.s. I can finally do dragon flags without cheating my way back up i.e. I can do both the positive and negative portion of the movement. Thanks Pavel!
From: Dano. Date/Time: 5/2/01, 2:23:14 AM.

Great KB testimonial for women
For almost 3 years I have done PT with a woman who has achieved average results. 2 months ago I started her on PT and worked in cycles of RKC last month. She was literally firming up and slimming down before my eyes. She called the other day bubbling and gushing over the phone that she was at a weight she hadn’t been at for 15 years and wearing clothes she could only fit into before she had her teenage daughter! Me thinks the Party is a good place to be. – Joe
From: Jcannon. Date/Time: 2001-12-23 11:38:37.

All KBer’s, please read!!!
I have many of Pavel’s books, tapes, etc. Just received Pavel’s new Kettlebell Book, and he has OUTDONE himself with this book. If you have KB’s, even if you have the tape, do yourself a favor a get the book. And, if you ever had even a thought of trying kettlebell’s, do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK! I have been a competitive Olympic style lifter for 27 years (started at age 16), have just about every book written on the lifting, strength, etc, and this book has me feeling like when I first began lifting…I’m enjoying lifting and can’t WAIT.
From: Sbadsaint. Date/Time: 2001-05-26 15:09:12

26lbs. Kettlebell
Get your own set of kettlebells that will help sculpt you into a lean, mean machine.

Kettlebells are great!
I have studied TKD/HKD (both art and sport versions) for over 15 years. Kettlebells are the best method of increasing strength, cardio and endurance. Full range lifting is also good and it does not make you ‘muscle-bound’ like the myth goes. Many of the older instructors do not like to mix weightlifting with MA. If you do it wisely however there will not be an issue. I highly recommend Pavel’s “Beyond Stretching, Relax Into Stretch, Power to the People, and Russian Kettlebell Challenge books”. Hope this helps.Re: Kettlebells are great!: SteveFreides:
From: ichiban. Date/Time: 2001-11-08 11:00:00.

Good story
Some friends of mine in their 40’s and 50’s go skiing every year and always get very sore the first few days on the slopes. They asked me this time what they could do to prevent this. So, six weeks before their trip I suggested PTP. Then I discovered RKC and had them do only RKC for the last 2 weeks. They called yesterday, ecstatic, announcing they had not been sore one bit. In fact, their 21-year-old son was having trouble keeping up with them and had himself gotten sore. They are telling everyone about deadlifts and swinging dumbbells. Thanks Pavel, and power to all! – Joe
From: Jcannon. Date/Time: 2001-12-23 11:25:43.

KB skeptic now convinced (long confession)
I read RKC several months ago, and used DB’s with good results. I read some of the raves about the difference between DB’s and the Dragon Door KB’s and was very skeptical. I thought, “A 53 lb. KB is the same work load as the 55 lb. DB that I have in my garage. These guys who are carrying on about their wonderful KB’s are probably brainwashed and plan to name their firstborn child ‘Pavel’ whether it’s a boy or a girl.”I was WRONG. My wife & daughter (not named ‘Pavel’) bought me a 1.5 pood KB for my birthday and now I am a believer.

First, and most important, the KB is FUN. A lot more fun than a DB. The KB swings and has a “live” weight that a DB can not provide. As a result, I use my KB much more. Workouts are less a matter of discipline and more a calling.

Second, the KB challenges my grip much more. It loads and unloads, forcing me to tense and then relax my grip.

Third, my KB has personality…he will smack me if I don’t treat him with respect. (I think of him as “Boris,” as in Boris Badenuf from Rocky the Flying Squirrel.)

Fourth, the KB is ugly/pretty. Those who own a Glock will understand.

My only question: Have I lost it?

PS – I’m thinking my wife & I should have another kid. Maybe name it…. 🙂
From: John B. Date/Time: 2001-11-12 00:50:57.

Re: KettleBells work magic
Soon after starting with high rep snatches and C&J’s I noticed that I needed a heavier dumbbell to do pullovers with of all things. 15-20 lbs heavier!These exercises have also noticeably improved my running of a 5k race, even though I had done little in the way of actual running in preparation for this race.

As a perrenial exerciser about to turn 50,I find these techniques introduced (or is it re-introduced) by Mr.Tsatsouline to be the most effective of any I’ve seen.
From: JohnS. Date/Time: 2001-10-26 22:21:11.

A 1 Pood and a Rickshaw (Warning: VERY LONG post)
(Week 3 of 8 in Japan)I have been “lurking” on this board for quite awhile, enjoying everyone’s posts and the generally mature attitude of all participants. This is my first post. (here goes)

I had been on the BFL plan for awhile (one complete challenge, etc.), but I took some time off (and put some fat on). Looking for some other type of cardio than running (I just don’t like to run), I was very interested in the fat-burning effects of the KB. I bought the video and made my own pair of KBs out of a triceps bar. I had just started getting into the KB workouts, when I got an emergency call to travel to Tokyo for a two-month assignment (interpreting, translating). So, I packed a 1-pood (well, 37 lbs. to be exact) into a bowling ball bag, bought the PDF version of the RKC book for my laptop (also Super Joints, but I haven’t had time to go through it, yet) and hopped on the ‘plane. By the way…RKC: love the video, love the book. My wife thinks Pavel’s Evil Russian routine is great.

Here’s what I’m doing for RKC and diet while I’m over here:


Basically, I alternate days of grinds with days of explosive drills (cardio). Grinds usually run 30 to 45 min. with me doing at least one set of all the major movements, and concentrating on several sets of one particular movement, mixing it among the others and varying the number of reps per set. Explosive drills center around a 20 min. session of 1- and 2-arm swings, snatches, cleans and c&j’s. Fortunately, even in a tiny Tokyo hotel room, there’s still just enough space to do pretty much every move. I really don’t have a plan before I start other than to know which movement I want to emphasize for that session and how long I’ll be exercising. It try to go every day, but if it was a late night the night before, I opt to sleep a little longer and skip a session.

For abs, I just do power breathing in the morning. I put an evil wheel in the bowling ball bag, too, but I don’t think I quite have the hang of doing the exercises, so I haven’t been using it.


Right now I’m on about my 4th week of the Warrior Diet (well…my interpretation of the WD). Since the morning hours are the only hours I can control (no idea day to day how long I’ll be working), I eat my main meal in the am about 1 to 1.5 hours after I finish my workout. Denny’s is about the only place open at that time of the morning with reasonable food and convenience to the office, so that’s where I go. It was pretty funny watching the reaction of the waitress as I go about ordering 5 or so items off the menu and proceed to eat it all. Now they know me and know what to expect, but I still get side-long glances from some of the other restaurant customers. Food consists of tofu salad, vegetable soup, eggs, wheat ‘toro’ (you’d have to see it to understand), etc. Then I might have a meal replacement shake as soon as I get in the office (may 30 min. later).

During the day I drink a lot of water (probably 1.5 gallons), which is great on the lubrication, but murder during long meetings, if you know what I mean. I also take a few fish oil caps, a few glutamine caps, a multivitamin, a few vitamin C’s, and ephedrine (also helps me to avoid headaches from long sessions which can be pretty intense).

Things I like about the WD:
1. Freedom. Time to spend doing more productive things. I was on the BFL plan and felt like I was always either preparing food or eating.
2. No cravings. Probably the best “side effect” of this diet for me is that I have no cravings for junk food. I would get cravings all the time on the BFL diet and couldn’t wait (literally, some times) for FREE day. I still take one FREE day a week (hey, I like chocolate, and life is meant to be enjoyed), but it’s not the desparate kind of eating day that I used to do on the BFL diet. Incidentally, my calorie intake on the WD and the BFL program are pretty much the same.
3. Concentration. I find that I have a much longer capacity to concentrate during the day.

I didn’t measure my bodyfat before I started (I never completely “lost” my ab definition after BFL but have probably 5 or so pounds of fat packed on my lower back, right behind my handles, and maybe another 5 just sitting “here and there”), but I am noticing progress in certain areas. One is the reflection in the mirror, but I also notice that my pants are hanging on my hips now, rather than on my lower mid-section. My skin around my chest and shoulders is much tigher. Also, my body feels much more “lighter” than it used to. At one point in the past, I thought that I wanted to get “big,” but I think now that “tight and strong” is more ideal. Another 5 weeks of RKC will definitely get me going in that direction.

Just a word about BFL:

One thing I have to say is that whatever you think of Bill Phillips, he’s the reason my wife and I got off our butts and started doing something positive for our health and physical condition in the first place. Besides, without MM, I never would have found out about Pavel’s products and the DD discussion board. I figure that now I’ve graduated from one level of education to the next, with plenty of room for new improvements and discoveries.

Well, there you have it. I’ll post some updates intermittently as things progress. Much shorter posts. I promise.
From: Doraemon. Date/Time: 2001-10-15 00:50:06.

Kettlebells! YaHoooooooooo!!!!!
I came home Friday, only to find that my kettlebells still did not arrive. Shortly afterward, my loving wife pointed to a full laundry basket and said, “I think it’s about time you help with the wash…can you put a load in?” I went over to pick up the basket, only to find that I couldn’t budge it!! I removed the top layer and to my surprise, there where my two kettlebells, and my wife with a big smile! (I would only call her about twice every hour every day to see if they arrived). I can’t wait to begin working out with these suckers. Let me tell you, they are totally different than any dumbbell or kettlebell handles!! I will let you all know how I make out (if I can survive lifting these things!!) I wonder how my wife was able to lift these things?????
From: Sbadsaint. Date/Time: 4/21/01 9:30:58 AM.

KB Technique & Sore Forearms “It’s all technique”
One of the many subtle things that I noticed after watching the RKBC video was the position of Pavel’s wrist at the end of a “clean”. If you notice, his wrist has rotated 90 degrees at the finish of the movement from the start with the KB in the “hang position”. (most of the time sore forearms come from only rotating the wrist 45 degrees and taking the KB full hit on the forearm) If you are cleaning with the right hand, then you would start with your knuckles facing forward, but at the end of the clean, your knuckles should be facing your right as if you had a hammer in your hand and were about to drive a nail with the hammer head over your shoulder and your elbow in tight to the body. Also, the KB does not really swing around your hand (this creates tremendous momentum and a painful blow to the forearm) rather, you drive your hand under the KB near the top of the movement circling under the KB. Watch Pavel over and over again. Even in the cleans the KB does not go straight over but slightly to the outside as you drive your hand under the KB rotating in the path of the KB sphere. Yesterday I did 100 reps per arm without any forearm soreness (I won’t mention other body parts). Of course, always use the knee dip in the cleans and practice, practice, practice! Hope this helps Comrades!
From: ZenTrainer. Date/Time: 2001-05-21 09:13:58.

RKC- The Russian answer to yoga?
I’ve only finished my 4th KB workout and have found that it is much like yoga. Now before you scoff at this remark I’m sure you too have noticed many similarities. In yoga flexing of the rectal, abdominal and various other locks and muscles are required…much like RKC. Yoga uses ‘Ujayi’ breathing to retain body heat, tension and mindfulness…much like RKC. Yoga flows from one posture to another very smoothly with transition movements (Astanga yoga anyways)…much like windmills, chest-opening windmills, side press and military presses can blend into each other. Also, yoga requires the utmost concentration and focus for it to be truly beneficial…much like RKC where concentration and focus on tension and the weight is needed for progress in strength, muscular endurance and to keep from dropping the damn weight on your head! One last thing, I feel so friggin energized and alive after RKC, this time…much like yoga!Pietro
From: Pietro. Date/Time: 2001-08-20 23:41:49.

Re: They are ‘Death on Toast’ 🙂
I started my workout on Sunday with the small one (Can’t believe I purchased all 3, it may be many moons before I’m at the heavier ones) Anyway, I know I’ll finally lose the extra weight I’ve tried to lose for years, but for now I’m eating like a horse.
From: Strawberry Mike. Date/Time: 4/23/01 11:28:12 PM.

Re: KB progress report
Dano-Everybody should thank you for this report.I’ve only had my KB’s for two weeks and haven’t even gotten to the bent presses yet. Nevertheless, what’s happening to my body is truly astonishing!!

Without exaggeration I’m three times stronger and ten times better looking than ever!!LOL–I’ve never been a very serious lifter or champion anything. I’m just an old man(68) motivated to stay alive. But I never dreamed this could be possible. I’m having to deal with a lot of snide jealousy based remarks from the other old folks who live in this place.

Tell me–are you getting any of your exercising friends interested in trying this system? I’m not–even though they watched in disbelief when I went from 100-150 lbs in early Feb to pulling 600lbs two or three weeks ago. This new dimension is taking some psychological adjustment!! Stay in touch!!

From: Andy68. Date/Time: 2001-05-27 20:29:07.

Re: Comrades, please tell your KB fat loss stories
I’ve ordered my kettlebell but yet to receive it. However, been following Pavel’s recommendations with a DB for four weeks. I’ve lost an average of 1% body fat per week, from about 20 to about 16. Love handles gone. Using through the leg passes to warm up (with 16 K), windmills with about 50 pounds, then moving into a cardio set with 16 K again, either following the official kettlebell format of snatches for X reps, C & J for Y reps after a 10-minute break (see the kettlebell book for specific X and Y values). On other days I simply go for 100’s in the snatch, ten per arm and then swapping, or 20 per arm and swapping, etc. The double-arm C & J’s are absolute murder. After doing 25 snatches per arm with 35, I have yet to top 10 double C & J’s before plotzing. Embarrassing to admit, but there you have it.Com. Steve
From: sebarnes. Date/Time: 2001-06-20 12:11:11.

They are ‘Death on Toast’ 🙂
You couldn’t ask for a better conditioning tool, especially for someone with limited time to train. A conservative 30 minute session over the weekend left me feeling as if I’d been worked over with a hammer. (Of course, that’s a good thing). Thanks to Pavel for reviving this method and to John DuCane for taking a chance and giving him an audience.
From: Jim B. Date/Time: 4/23/01 9:23:50 AM.

Re: Comrade Pavel Question @ Kettlebells and Fat Loss
one of my workout buddies (who is in very good shape except for a spare tire) has been on a 4 week RKC cycle. He has cut back on the 2 pood and has been using the 1 and 1.5 pood KBs, but at a very high tempo. His spare tire is smaller and his wind (at least during randori) has improved.I don’t think he has changed his diet. Last night he had 25 wings and 6 beers.
From: JPM. Date/Time 2001-11-22 13:21:10.

Re: Kelltebells questions
Kettlebells are COMPLETELY different from dumbbells. I’m on my second week now and the novelty is NOT wearing off. The only thing wearing off is the little fat I had left on my body. Every muscle in my body (especially my arms, shoulders and back) feels extremely tight. I’m not new to lifting either so this isn’t a beginner response. I’ve lifted for nearly 11 years now. They are far superior to dumbbells! I highly recommend you give them a try. Good training, Comrade.
From: Dano. Date/Time: 5/1/01 8:08:23 PM.

Re: A question to anyone
Yeah, I too suffer from a case of the short on cash. I use dbs and they work. But kBs are a real treat. The difference is a fine veal parmiggiano to Chef Boy R Dee. They are both Italian, but… well get the KBs.
From: warnerkallus. Date/Time: 2001-09-29 21:19:57.

Tested and Proven!
Burning fat w/ RKC is the most fun and most efficient way of burning fat known to man! Not only do you get one heck of a work out, but you also gain strength at the same time. Before I got my RKC video I only performed the 3 exercises in MM, and with those 3 exercises I was able to lose 4lbs and 1/8″ of my waist in 1 1/2 weeks. Not bad for only 15-30min a day, 5 days a week. RKC gets my vote!
From: killab. Date/Time: 2001-11-13 12:57:18.

Santa brought my wife a chick kettlebell
…and she loves it. Wants to workout tonight and is re-committing to exercising. She immediately started swinging it like the dbs she had been using. I told her a 4K is on the way. It is truly a marvel of workmanship – nice smaller handle and rubber-coated bell. Very nice! My first 16K arrived as well. Are these things certified to be only 16K? Whew, daunting but exciting! Hats off to Dragon Door for such prompt shipping. Didn’t expect arrival before Christmas. Merry Christmas to all.
From: Jcannon. Date/Time: 2001-12-25 20:40:00

Little KBs
Carol loves the little kettlebells and I’m using them for warmup — I’ve discarded my milk jugs. Our January 1 update will include a notice that the 4-K and 8-K kettlebells are now available from Dragon Door. You did great job on designing the little bells. The rubber coating makes them much less threatening for beginners, especially women and children.All the best in the new year to you and your family.
From: Clarence

Re: RKC and muscle size
You can definitely put on some size with RKC. I started a new cycle recently and after not even 2 weeks I noticed growth in my biceps…and I usually only eat 1-2 meals a day! Throw some Deads in the mix and swing away!
From: Pietro. Date/Time: 2001-11-16 11:13:30.

Re: RKC and muscle size
Comrade phanes-I can tell you my experience with dumbbell RKC. I have lost body fat, but put on weight. I notice more beef in the upper back and traps mostly. The extra weight hasn’t hindered my pullup performance either, it has improved it. I can’t really explain this other than less beef in the legs. I came over to the party after using ‘hardgainer’ methods. Nothing against Stuart McRobert, he’s an inspiration for many people, but not everyone is a skinny ectomorph. Squatting hard for 20 reps 2x a week did nothing but make me look like a gorilla while letting the functional fitness slip further away. RKC will lean you down in the hips and legs (compared to 20 rep squatting) and put the beef in the back and traps.

BTW, the party line here is that d-bells are vastly inferior to k-bells, and they may be right, but in the meantime if you’re poor like me keep using the dumbbell and reaping enormous benefits. We will eventually get the k-bell, in the meantime don’t make excuses-just train as hard as you can!

Best to you-
From: exrecondoc. Date/Time: 2001-11-16 09:33:40.

Re: RKC and muscle size
It’s funny you mention biceps. My biceps grew faster and better from doing KB snatches than they ever did with curls. Just another of the MANY benefits of doing KB’s. 🙂
From: BigNate. Date/Time: 2001-11-16 14:20:11.

Pavel – KB routinue
Pavel,Is it advisable for me to do KB’s 6 days/week with three days a circuit style for cardio & fat loss and do high volume/low reps on the opposite days for size and strength? Or do I need to switch between cycles of the two? Thanks, DG.

BTW- I love KB’s! I have lost 16 lbs in the last four weeks since I started the KB lifts. Also, I haven’t jogged in 2 weeks and last night I went jogging after my KB workout. At the end of the course that I run there is a big hill. Before KB’s I was dying at the beginning of the hill, and a complete goner at the top. Last night I threw the hill aside like a little pink plastic dumbbell!!!
From: Gediminai. Date/Time: 2001-10-05 16:58:42.

“Real World” Kettlebell success (Interesting read…..)
I think that their is a little magic to these kettlebells! First off I am a police officer. For the last 6 weeks or so I have did nothing but high rep snatches (1 pood) and skipping rope 3 days a week. I have built myself up to 100 snatches straight with the 1 pood followed by 5 minutes of high intensity rope skipping. Prior to this I was strictly into heavy,low rep lifting (no cardio). Last night while working the graveyard shift myself and my partner got into a physical altercation with a subject “high” on something. Usually after a hard physical confrontation with a subject I am huffing and puffing. Last night I hardly lost my wind at all! After we got the subject into custody I immediately had a conversation with a witness and could hold a perfectly normal conversation. No gasping for breath or trying to get my breath back! I sat in my police cruiser after it was over and was like holy shit! Those kettlebells just might be working! Lets just say that I am pretty much well sold on the combat conditioning benefits of high rep snatches.
From: Port426. Date/Time: 2001-11-25 14:25:17.

Re: “Real World” Kettlebell success (Interesting read…..)
Good post Post426. Power to Functional Training. I notice the same effect in my MA classes. My MA classes will leave you huffing and puffing. After a few week of KB training , where the huff and puff? KB training have a high carry over to a lot of things.No longer a 190 pound weakling
From: Craig. Date/Time: 2001-11-25 17:17:42.

I hadn’t been on the scale in a few months. I started PTP about 4 months ago and weighed 191 pounds at 5′ 8″. I hopped on the scale last week and now I way 174 — a 17 pound loss!! Oh, I can dead lift 300 pounds now to. PTP rules!MattZ

From: MattZ. Date/Time: 2001-11-25 15:22:20.

Re: Kettlebells only??
Been using KB only for about 9 months, Have noticed more functional Strength, flexibility is better I have 30% disability from the military on my back, have not felt this good for years, did gain some muscle mass, with no loss in my running, hope this helps.
From: msgret. Date/Time: 2001-11-20 17:04:50.

DL gains using RKC…
Greetings Comrades! I’ve been doing RKC (mainly high rep snatches), with DBs, for the past 2 months. I had rugby training this morning so I didn’t feel like doing the snatches, I just saw that the DL bar was set up so I said I’d go for a PB. (I hadn’t really trained the DL before, I did one 2 week cycle and managed to get my rep max up to 180 in September.) Anyway I loaded the bar with two 20kg plates (44lbs) and did five reps just to get used to it again. Felt easy and I thought my form was quite good so I added the PB setter, put on 2 more 15kg (33lbs) plates for a total of 198lbs. I picked it up and it felt incredibly light, I walked around the gym for a few minutes. then went back and added two more 10kg (22lbs) plates, 242lbs total. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it, but I got it up after one failed try (didn’t get my grip right). So I walked around the gym for awhile and did my kg -> lbs conversions in my head, did some pullups and dips, then said I’ll have one more go at it, there was no one else in the upper part of the gym where all the free weights are, so I figured that no one would notice if I made a fool outta myself if it went wrong heh :). Added another two 5kg (11lbs) plates and on my second attempt I got it up (with a grunt) for a total of 264 lbs or there abouts. Tried 285 after that but she wasn’t gonna move.I’m now going to try for 300 in another month, that’ll be more than twice my bodyweight, 145lbs. Not gonna do any DLs, snatches are the way to go! even if they are DB ones :). Other gains a made were decreasing my 5 mile time from 50 minutes to 41 minutes and two months ago I could only do 2 dead hang pullups, now I can manage 11-12.

From: primer. Date/Time: 2001-11-09 15:07:04.

Counterproductive kettle bells?
I am a Muay Thai boxer and have recently purchased my first kettle bell(3 wks ago). I’ve been using it every day for about half an hour. I can’t get enough of it. Benefits so far have been 1-extremely shortened recovery times for all types of martial art exercises(I’m talkin’amazingly short) 2-Impressive muscle growth, especially in the shoulders, back and legs(finally, functional strength!!).My question: 1-Is it counterproductive to use the KB with sore muscles?(will it hinder development without sufficient rest).

Thanks to Pavel and all dragondoor forum members.
From: mtaibrad. Date/Time: 2001-09-13 03:05:17.

My name is David, and I have been doing PTP for a little over a year now. However, when Pavel introduced Kettlebell training I started to try that. Boy, I’m I glad I did! I’ve been doing that for 3 months now and after I received my kettlebell it was amazing! Since I have been doing the kettlebell my strength has sky rocketed and my body which used to be soft is now hard as a rock. I fell pumped most of the time. Kettlebells are far superior to dumbbells and barbells, now I only workout with kettlebells. After, I got the book for kettlebell training, I am mass training as well. And believe me Kettlebell training for mass is far superior than ordinary weight training. I’m about to give away my weights, I guess you could say I’m a converted kettlebell lifter now! People comment me all the time on my mass gains. I honestly fell that I have widened and defined my shoulders doing the kettlebell Scott Press Lift in two weeks than I have doing a year of training with regular weights! Also, I love the kettlebell so much I can’t put it down. I’m lifting it all the time. I fell like I have to force myself to take a break! Thank You Pavel for all the golden information you have given, You have advanced me in weight training 1000yrs.
From: voitle. Date: 5/01/01.

I hope NOT.
I hope not… that’s right… I hope not.I’m serious.

I’d rather that no one else knows about kbs and ptp and Pavel’s other programs except for those who already know.

Why? I want that edge. I want to be the one who can outrun, outlift, outjump, and outlast everyone else. I want it to be my secret weapon. If everyone does it, then sheesh… I’m not Superman again… just another average guy. Who would care about Superman if everyone in Metropolis was bulletproof and could fly? Get my drift? I think it should be our little secret.

Just my humble opinion. Pavel, I want to keep you to ourselves! Sorry! 🙂
From: WarpedMind. Date/Time: 2001-12-08 01:27:00.

One month of KB’s and heart BPM’s…
This is my first post. I’ve learned quite a bit from reading all of the other posts.I’ve been doing KB’s for about 1 1/2 months now. Only about 3 weeks of serious practice. My back is finally pain free after about a year of on-and-off pain. My bench, deadlift, squat, etc., have all improved to some degree from nothing but KB’s. I think I’m going to stick to strictly KB’s for about 6 months, plus Hindu squats.

My heart rate was already low from a lot of cycling, around 50 bpm. After these last three weeks of 6-day/week KB’s, my BPM is down to a low of 45. That’s surely going to help when cycling season rolls back around next year.

I’m concentrating mostly on high rep swings. To me, when done fast, they are harder than snatches. They’re also a lot easier on my hands. My long days are Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. I usually total about 200+ reps/arm. I use mostly the 1 pood bell, but about 1/4 is with the 1.5 pood bell. I prefer to use the lighter bell for more volume.

My heavy/short days are Tues and Thurs. On these days, I use mainly the 1.5 and 2 pood bells.

I can’t wait to see where my future training goes with the KB’s.

C’ya — Dan Webb
From: X-celsior. Date/Time: 2001-11-02 13:32:23.

Thanks for kettbells. I think that I am in better shape than ever. Your Russian kettbell training method is superb. I trained with kettlebell most of time. It is great way to builded endurance. I recommended Russian kettbells to US army forces.
From: XnMei. Date/Time: Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:39 PM

K(G)B Report comrades
I have been doing the KB work for about 3 weeks now easing into it. I started with the smallest KB and have reached 100 reps per arm in sets of 10 as Pavel recommends in either the Cleans, Snatches, Jerks. I am moving up to the 1-1/2 Pood. My traps have doubled in size and my grip increased dramatically (I have the callouses to prove it). My endurance is way up. My back and shoulders have filled out and I am having no problems with any over use problems with my shoulders. For those interested, I have been following the NHE plan for the most part and have lost 26 pounds of fat and put on at least 6 pounds of muscle over a slightly longer period. As for my workouts I have been doing 2 arm swings 1 set of 20, 1 arm swings, 1 set of 15, 6 sets of cleans (each arm), 4 sets of snatches(each arm), and whatever else strikes me at that point (not much I can tell you). I will also do a circuit of 10 snatches per arm, 20 pushups, 25-50 Hindu Squats, and 1 minute rest and perform 5 – 10 circuits depending where I am in varying my workload. I have had nagging neck pain from pulled muscles in the neck for some time from sitting at my PC all day long, but since doing the KB work, all that is gone. As for transferance for strength, I have not done any dips in probably 20 years, no kidding, and I jumped up and did 3 sets of 10 with ease the other day. Try the KB’s it will make a believer out of you!Zen Trainer!
From: ZenTrainer. Date/Time 2001-06-02 18:55:56.

Re: Re: Comrades, please tell your KB fat loss stories
Comrade: I have been training with the KB’s and DB’s for about 2 months or so. I started NHE a little before that. After 6 weeks or so I switched back to a simple diet of balanced meals, more toward the 40-30-30 routine of Carbs-Protein-Fat but in all honesty, I probably go more along 40%Protein-30%Carbs-30%Fat. Carbs are mostly the veggies and brown rice.I use my homemade KB”s of basketballs filled with concrete and a 5 pound, 1″ solid steel handle. This is (16kg) and did another one with 2-10 pound plates added (24(kg). These work perfect. I just received my DragonDoor 16 kg KB. My 24 is still on order but word on the street is that it is any day now. For what it’s worth, my homemade KB’s worked perfect and there was little difference going to the “real deal”. But I figure the real ones are just too cool not to have and with the quality with which they are made, I can “will” them to my grand kids.

Warm up (16kg), 20 2-arm swings, 20 1-arm swings(per arm). I do up to 100 snatches with the 16kg per arm alternating in sets of 10 with a 1 minute rest. The same with C&J’s. I go heavier with a 24kg in sets of 5-10 and reserve it for Bent/Side Presses and power snatches.

At times I will C&J 2 35 pound DB’s for sets of 15. And lastly I will do circuits of 10 Snatches or C&J’s per arm, 20 pushups, 30-50 Hindu Squats and rest 1 minute. I do this for 5-10 circuits. It will get your attention.

To date, I started at a bodyweight of 220. I stepped on the scale 2 days ago and was at 192. A net loss of 28 pounds. In reality, I have lost about 33 pounds of fat, and put on 5 pounds (at least) of muscle.

Oh, and lastly, there definitely is “NO GOLD” inside the Kettblebells, they are solid steel. Give it all you have comrade, the weight will fall off.

Good Training….ZenTrainer!
From: ZenTrainer. Date/Time: 2001-06-20 13:06:13.

26lbs. Kettlebell
Get your own set of kettlebells that will help sculpt you into a lean, mean machine.